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Inventory Forecasting
The image shows the words 'inventory forecasting' as a page banner with a logo design for the cloud-based SaaS inventory management service we offer at TSB Supply Chain.

Retailers, equipment maintainers and spare parts distributors must anticipate and fulfill customer demand in a seamless and efficient supply chain. Managing accurate inventory levels not only has clear financial benefits, but is critical to deliver customer satisfaction.
It is important to avoid excess and obsolete inventory to protect your bottom line, but it is equally important that items do not appear “out of stock” so you can protect your brand reputation.
Inventory used to be regarded as an asset not as a cost, but now, the technical challenge is to identify target stock levels for your products based on numerous and moving sources of information, such as;
• Customer expectations,
• Sources of potential supply,
• Sources of potential demand,
• Supplier lead times,
• Available budget.

For online retailers, real-time inventory also needs to be updated across multiple channels. We are integrated with all major webshops and marketplace sellers to enhance this product flow. A full list of these platforms is given under our Multi-Channel eCommerce Services. 

What do we offer?

The skill of knowing how much inventory to store in a warehouse in order to meet the demand of the customer is the challenge that all retailers are up against. Our Inventory Forecasting service can provide retailers with cloud based (Saas) inventory management software to help them predict how much stock they need to order across all product lines and multiple stocking locations & warehouses. It also analyses historical data to factor in seasonal impact.

Our Inventory Forecasting services quickly help determine real levels of excess and obsolete inventory across supply chain networks, where it is being created and why. So your product availability is reliable and time-to-shelf is fast. In short, by using our Inventory Forecasting software, you can make sure you deliver the right product in the right place, at the right time to meet demand from all different channels.

What makes us different?

A big factor in differentiating our Inventory Forecasting and planning services from other companies is the minimal up-front investment.
As well as access to our affordable cloud based (Saas) inventory management software, we also have the capability to build a fulfillment solution with inventory optimally located to meet your customer service needs and costs.
Within 6 months working with TSB Supply Chain you can typically expect to see;
• Reduction in inventory levels of between 20-60%
• Significantly improved customer service levels
• Increased sales, driving improved profitability
• Improved supplier relations due to improved forecast accuracy
• Self-financing supply chain improvements due to reduced supply chain costs