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B2B Returns and Warranty returns
The image shows the words 'B2B Returns and Warranty Returns' and a drawing of an industrial brick wall of a warehouse with a van collecting items to be returned. Green arrows show items being returned.

We are experienced in managing both consumer and maintenance returns, whether from B2B or B2C transactions, so you can trust our services to manage your reverse logistics effectively from the initial pick up of recalled items to the repair or installation of new parts.
Managing B2B returns has similar characteristics as Time Critical Spare Parts Fulfillment.
Typical B2B returns will be;
• Manufacturing returns
• Product recalls
• Warranty returns
• Service returns
• End-of-use returns
• End-of-life returns

What are the differences between B2B returns and B2C Returns?
For Multi-Channel Consumer Returns, flexibility and ease is critical, whereas for B2B returns time is critical.

B2B returns are much more infrequent than B2C returns, but there are higher risks associated with down-time, as returns will be due to faults and breakdowns rather than personal preference or change of heart.

In the case of Product recalls, reverse logistics for Business returns would be designed around handling bulk products, whereas a Consumer return would tend to be 1 or 2 items at a time.

What do we offer?

We can manage open box and closed box returns from your channel partners and manage the disposition of returns inventory according to your rules, such as;

• Back into good stock for resale,
• Holding in spares inventory to support future warranty events,
• Or sending to repair vendors for repair/rework as required.

Warranty Returns Options
International retailers often leave good product with customers in return for a credit as the cost of returns is prohibitive. Through our multi-channel capabilities, we can now unlock value from these transactions by providing;
• Low cost returns options,
• In-country processing of returns,
• In-country storage and consolidated shipping to the clients nominated delivery point,
• No-fault-found testing on electronic items to minimise your downstream supply chain costs,
• Different liquidation options including revenue sharing based on the actual revenue realised through our EBay and Amazon sales channels, offering a zero cost option for our clients.

…all at a fraction of the cost of directing shipping of packages.

What makes us different?

We support a variety of returns options and delivery methods to ensure that you honour warranty obligations. Providing a robust warranty management service is essential to your brand image and customer satisfaction in today’s market.

Our clients have the ability to track assets in real-time, so you are able to monitor parts recovery and replenish asset-locations as soon as possible through our globally integrated IT platform.