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TSB Supply Chain actively supports clients to foster and drive sustainability and social responsibility excellence across their supply chain, through the development of principles, the sharing of tools, information and best practice.

Community sponsorships

TSB Supply Chain actively supports the local community and is pleased to actively support Shamblers Junior football team, playing in the Potteries Mini League.

This will be our third year supporting the team, who continue to go from strength to strength, having won their divisional title for the previous two seasons, and with high hopes for this current season.

We also support the TSB Supply Chain Stratford Under 14’s Rugby team.

Supporting a School in Kenya

Our CEO Graham Best visited a school near Mombassa during a family holiday in 2012. The poverty in the area is extreme and the schools are very overcrowded with 85 children to a class, often sharing a single second hand text book between 4 children. In spite of their difficult circumstances, the children were impressively turned out, attentive and polite and it is clear that their parents have made the education of their children a top priority. The school raises it's own funds through various activities including selling fruit from trees planted each year in the school grounds.

TSB's monthly donation has helped the school to renovate classrooms and buy new desks and text books.

The environment

Responsible and ethical business practices are central to our efforts to ensure socially and environmentally responsible supply chains.

Our work with supply chain companies involves multiple initiatives supporting environmental sustainability and compliance to EU standards.

These include:

  • Packaging recycling and reuse
  • Redesign of transport routes for improved efficiency
  • Implementation of warehousing initiatives to create fewer, fuller lorries and fuel reduction.
  • Focus on WEEE and EU transportation requirements
  • Continued assessment of the supply base for environmental progress